• 1 week ago

At that point if the same scenario would have happened between us, I would have felt good enough to try with us.

BUT would that have been a better choice? πŸ™‚ That’s the question. I got literally ripped to shreds emotionally like I never imagined possible and like I said I really am not sure if I needed that or not? Was that for the better for me, or could I have done without the hard lessons I got from that? Did I need to carry all that weight and uphill battles? Who does need that? I can’t lie, I might have. Kind of like some kids get sent to bootcamp to get their ass kicked. That’s what it was like. It wasn’t just a woman, it was everything I was dealing with during, there was times where I was seriously risking my life recklessly, I thought I was going to die more than once, a few times, many times I felt challenged in ways I was afraid like I had never been and I met those challenges and was successful WHILE I was dealing with pain and heartbreak. So I do see it as a good thing.

But if it had been you, would it have ended? With less heartbreak? Would it have been better and would we still be together or would you have destroyed me as bad or worse? I’ll tell ya, while I was going through shit on my own, after and during the heartbreak, nobody to talk to about it, just suck it up, suffer and move forward, I would have appreciated to have you there. Definitely.