• 1 week ago

First of all, you really can’t hurt a person who has felt probably the worst emotional pain you could ever imagine over a prolonged period of time. People adapt and learn even of they don’t want to and they developed callous physically but also emotionally. Which is not really a negative. Whether it was real or it was scum whispering shit in their ear and it was perceived, whatever, if that person was hurt bad enough for long enough, in so many ways…. You will never hurt that person. Nobody could possible, trying their hardest. That’s the way it goes. That’s life.

Secondly, why would you waste your time getting with someone just to rip them a new asshole and hurt them? That’s really fucking ugly. You’re vengeful? What a waste of time. You’re ugly.

You should grow the fuck up and take some responsibility for why you ended up hurt. You should judge people before you get with them. It’s your fault they hurt you.