• 4 days ago

this is a long one. my sister is a radical ” feminist ” and her beliefs make me wanna unalive myself. She is on Amber Heard’s side because she’s a woman. She thinks that any woman that is on Johnny Depp’s side or isn’t supporting either person is a pick me. She’s a self hating bisexual that hates men, thinks that women should abort male babies, and women should NEVER adopt male children. She said black men can ” collect their bullets ” She thinks that women that talk about mental health in men is a pick me ( especially if they bring up the male suicide rate ) she once called me ” defender of men ” because I brought up how some middle aged men get depressed ONCE and she kept saying that they deserved it for how they treat women. She refuses to believe the possibility that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were both terrible to each other and if a woman is more on Johnny’s side, she MUST want to fuck him or it’s because she thinks he is attractive. My sister and other radical ” feminists ” aka terfs make me hate being a woman. Don’t even get me started on the way she talks about trandsgender people. She csays that I support terrible people ( the most problematic person I support is Eminem ) but she supports J.K Rowling and other terfs that literally want conversion camps for trans people. But no, I’M the one defending bad people.