• 3 weeks ago

Damn, this site has really been nerfed since its glory days. Only the OGs remember when this site had its own meme culture, comments sections, and the ability to like/dislike people’s confessions. There was a new beef every week between different notorious personalities on this site. The real ones remember the Gator Lady, Nat, Nagerzman, Corvallus, Prestonian, the ten-year-old and her “hacker” brother, Carspotter, Celebspotter, Truth Teller, Stank E. Butterson…fuck I miss them. I miss the “TAXATION IS THEFT” meme. There were some truly iconic posts in the comments sections that are now gone forever due to the disastrous mismanaging of this website. Now it’s so…dull and lifeless around here. I wanna bring back the VIPs! The memes! The comments! The wars!

For anyone curious how shit worked around here or just looking for a nostalgia trip, I found this post: a-wild-experience/231002