• 5 days ago

Today at school I was with my friends and saw my cousin. I didn’t say hi because I felt that he was trying to hide from me. He didn’t say hello and neither did I. It made me remember the time where i used to say hello to my older brother at school and he would ignore me. I also remember that one day I ignored my cousin because I thought he was embaressed of me, like my brother, but then he confronted me about it. I told him that my brother ignored me and thought he would do the same. Until now I’ve met him a few times and said hi. And these last few time he would look uncomfortable. Maybe I’m making this up and he simply didn’t see me. I’m not even close to my cousin and he has a not so good personality but still. It just made me idk what but something negative the whole day. And with my personality I havent told this to anyone and the whole thing. Doesnt. Leave. My. Head.
Honestly he can ignore me all he wants just get out of my head. And stop making me remember things i forced myself to forget.