• 6 days ago

Easy there Doc Oc. yeah u still don’t get it? I’ll say it again for a reality check. YOU WILL NEVER END UP WITH THAT CHICK.

NEVER, not even if you were the last yard on earth. Why? Because you are a nutjob. You went insane lost your shit constantly night and day for too long.

You ruined it for yourself if you even stood a chance in the first place. You sound like a loser who never leaves his mom’s basement and she used you for what you had. It wasn’t love. It was a business deal. She doesn’t want want you, never did, never will because you were a fucking loser. That’s the hard truth.

And there is nothing you can do about that. You are powerless.

Do you get it? Let it sink in and shut up while you absorb it. Nobody here cares for your plight. You’re a loser. You COULD kill yourself. It is an option. You should look into it. There many methods you can use…. Consider it anyway. It’s better than yelling into the void.