• 1 week ago

Dude when are going to realize you drove her away and you drove it deeper into the ground dragging it, whatever it was, through the mud and acting like a nutcase.

I hope to fuck you are not losing your shit on a strictly online relationship with an online relationship with some stupid tic too bitch you have never spent time with…

I could understand if you had a real life relationship and you met her, and spent time together, mutual attraction, a relationship, as wrong as you are even in that case, but if it’s a woman you have never actually met or had a relationship with that didn’t involve… paying for fucking piss pictures????… You need your head checked.

You are never going to have this chick. not even if she had nobody else. You are a fucking idiot to want a woman who is only with you because she needs you and your resources That’s pathetic as fuck. You are the definitive loser. Seriously, you disgust me. Poor excuse for a man. No backbone All this I’m better than him ehit, I could fight him and beat him, thats like some grade 6 shit man. Are you an idiot? What the fuck is your major malfunction.

Face it… You will never ever get this chick especially now. Nothing you do or don’t do will change that at this point, there’s no use crying out into the void, get real. Give it up. Move on. There is not a single thing you can do to change that. It’s a fact. YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET THIS CHICK AGAIN. Let that Sink in. Never. Not even if you were the last person on earth. You blew it hard. Calm down, be cool and leave them alone in the future. If she doesn’t want you you will be able to tell, don’t even fight it, go play a video game or something and forget it. Avoid, don’t go running back to it at full force yelling your stupid head off, you look like a loser. Have some self respect. Be a man. If you are a man, I still think your so bat shit fucking crackers, you have to be a woman.