• 2 weeks ago

Been on this sight and others reading about Moms dating younger guys . I’m a 42 year widowed female mother of two teens . My daughters boyfriends best friend asked me out . Out of no where I said yes. Then I thought had you just heard yourself ? I just said yes for a date from a 20 year old male ! Are you crazy ? Went out for a dinner and a movie . Fabulous time . He drove had his own money for the dinner and movie . A complete gentleman I may say. On the way home I thought about it . Then I asked are you off work tomorrow ? He replied yes the company is closed on the weekend . He asked why . Looked at him and said everyone is at home . I’m thinking I’ll pay for a hotel room . Then I said are you up to it ? He replied with well I didn’t come prepared for that . I said that’s ok I’m way past that stage and added there’s no pulling out . He then looked at me and said ok . Hotel 6 here we come . As soon as we walked into the room . We pulling each others clothing off . Off to the bed for some love making . Pre play time we were both ready . He mounted me off we went . Few minutes later out came my mouth harder please . His thrusting became harder . Looked up at him and said you like that pussy ? He said oh yes . He unloaded I felt his warm cum filled my willing body . I looked up at him and said my turn . Lets switch , I mounted him and rode the his cock . I leaned down my pussy jacked that cock . I whispered in his ear Mommy is going to fuck you . I gave him a titty to suck on . Second time we both came together . I slid off him . Sitting between his legs smiling at him . And said god that felt great . His dick was still standing up . Looked at him and said how about a round of doggy style . He let me have the center of the bed . Stuck that ass up in the air . God he ponded me really good . Afterwards it was sleep time .