• 1 week ago

Difficult time coming home for college break . Past year my father had passed away . Only one there is my stepmother Barb . A half ass paying job don’t get by on . Family said please come home for the summer . It’s been two weeks gone bye. This morning heard a clanging going on that woke me . The noise was coming from the outside . Ok I’m awake . Barb is normally up making breakfast . Walking down the hallway scratching my balls before my morning pee break and coffee . I peeked in Barbs room to see if she was awake ? Oh my god my morning pee woody just turned into a stiffy . Barb wasn’t awake and still sleeping . Bed sheet pushed down . Had to take a double peek . Stepmom has a nipple piercing. Looking up and thinking Dad your one lucky son of a bitch . Off to kitchen to brew some coffee . Sitting at the table . Drinking coffee , Barb showed up and poured a cup of coffee . She’s wearing a long white tee shirt about knee length . Trying to be proper I made a comment about finding her nitty. Then I said nice piercing . She replied yeah had it done about two years ago your dad enjoyed tonguing on it . Then she said yeah it’s a shame. I replied what’s a shame ? Oh about a year before your dad passed I had my clit done with a ring . It’s just collecting dust down there . But I still keep it shaved . Just incase I get lucky ? And I’m thinking on taking up MILF HUNTING .