• 2 weeks ago

You would need common sense to understand what I meant. But then again, people who pretend to be hung up on a misspelling or grammatical error are usually just trying to deflect from what they read which they likely just are too ashamed to address probably because they do exactly what’s being discussed and they know true.

It’s very odd form of defense a lot of the whites use. Then again, only an actual retard would become so distracted from the point so it’s not your fault.

Sometimes they’ll come back and say they were just joking but there’s never any punchline……. or they’ll try to say something about blacks people because for some reason any time anyone says anything about whites, their automatic repsonse is to say somethings about blacks, regardless if the person who said what they did about the whites isn’t even black.

What they wont do, is ever address their disgusting culture that dates back to Romen times…. oops. Uh oh. That’s going to distract them again