• 5 days ago

I make my Girlfriend tell Me the Humiliating DETAILS of her rape and then I get HARD and Fuck her.

My girlfriend was raped a few months ago because she wasn’t alert and careful. I was angry and she became reclusive afterwards. One night I just had enough of her being withdrawn and I took her forcibly. She tried to resist and I demanded to know what her rapist did to her. I made her tell me all the specifics and I forced her to say how it felt as he penetrated her and what she was thinking when he did it to her. As she quivered and revealed the account I got hard and harder and then I rammed it in her, like he did. I was so hard that I stayed erect after dumping a hot load in her. So I made her suck my cock.

I told her that from now on it was going to rough sex and she could leave if she didn’t like it. She sulks around but I just grab her and drag her into the bedroom as she pleads. I strip her naked and I make her tell me about what it felt like when he penetrated her. I get rock hard as she describes the event and then I thrust into her and bang her really hard. It takes me longer to cum but it is much more satisfying than before. I stayed hard so I took her anally like he did too. She pleads and begs. I shot a second load up her ass a she squirmed. It was so intense.

I don’t know why having her humiliate herself makes me so hard. I don’t know why it feels so much better but it sure does.