• 4 days ago

We both wanted the same job. I had to apply, you were more well-connected. To be absolutely fair, you are more experienced, more communicative, more knowledgeable. You’re confident without being arrogant. You’re kind. You’re even beautiful. I know how happy you were to get the job. And part of me is earnestly happy for you to get this opportunity. Regardless of how you got the job, you were definitely the most qualified,, and the most deserving. But the envy I feel towards you chokes my heart like a vice and every time I think about it, that feeling squirms its way under my skin, leaking poison into my veins. I know I’ll never measure up to you in any way and you’ll continue living a life I want to lead but can’t. I know I’m inferior to you in every way and I know you’re to sweet to say it. I keep it to myself though because I don’t know which people find uglier, jealousy, or self-deprecation.

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