• 4 days ago

Being smart and careful feeling up women and girls I would never see again. Breasts, butts and crotches especially when I can tell that they are braless, or wearing a loose fitting blouse or shirt I could reach into and definately if they are wearing short skirts. I’ve felt bare pussy lips with girls going commando quite a few times. I’ve gotten a fair amount of random hand jobs, blow jobs, nipple sucking and all out sex from some of the more adventurous females. It’s kind of scarey but the adrenaline rush and the occational sex is worth it. The youngest and best of young girls so far, that I came across this way, was a pretty pair of 12 year olds. They let me feel and suck on their little titties. Look at their tiny, almost hairless slits. One let me eat her a little. They both sucked and played with me until I came. Squirting in both their mouths and on their cute faces. They had a lot of fun and the one named Kelly that I had tasted, gave me a phone number I would never call. The oldest told me she was 46. She drove us to a large park and we fucked for over an hour. She was still in decent shape or I wouldn’t have fondled her sex mound to begin with. I had one hand in her crotch and the other on a C cup boob. She was shocked but asked me If I was just a pervert or I wanted to go somewhere quiet. She had a “Wonderful time.” Her husband hadn’t touched her in 3 years and she was beginning to hate her vibrator. Wondering if she would ever be taken by a man again. She had thought of cheating but until that day had never gone through with it. She was a little sad that this was a one time thing, but it gave her confidence to find a more permanent boy toy.

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