• 2 months ago

I am gonna try not to think about sex until I actually get to the point where I’m not gonna be a total virgin.. ๐Ÿ™

I have so many deep dark kinky nasty things going on in my mind…

And as a young teen girl who wishes she could experience this kind of thing, I dunno…

I’ll like to think I’m not like any other girl in this world but that’s probably not true.. someone got my hopes up in making me think I was like other girls which is sad.. ๐Ÿ™

So maybe I am like other girls and maybe other girls have the same desires I have… but still sometimes I’ll like to think I am special.. I am perfect.. and I am irreplaceable..

And I deserve someone who I feel is the same.. someone who I feel is perfect.. someone who I feel is not like any other guys.. Cause there are a lot of guys who has limits.. but I think maybe me and my person.. we are both different from everyone in this world.. we both think things that no one would ever think of… You would be my perfect man and I would be your perfect girl.. And I’ll like to think I have already found you.. but I don’t know.. I guess I’m just gonna let fate play into this and see what happens…

~ idk

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