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Define simp?

I understand a simp to basically be a man who thinks all women are right no matter what and thats that. A white knight a kiss ass even if she is a geniuinely shitty woman

And I agree, but in the same light, you would have to be a complete faggot to not even so much as look at any woman, because you think its simpy.

Theres good women and there is terrible women boys. Sort through them and give it to the good ones. Anyone who calls me a simp, I could pint you in the direction of some prretty shitty excuses for women a d you can ask them what they think of me and then you can come back and tell me if you still think Im a simpy. Im thinking the first word you will hear out of them is “scary” or “they were afraid of him…” which I think is funny, buy I also have other women who would call me a sweetie. Thats how you sail through. I love women. I would probably kill myself if we woke jo to the extinction of women tomorrow. Seriously. Its like a permanent party with no chicks. Kill me.

You need to direct the dislike in the right direction.

Whats funny about that comment, Im a prett sharp guy, I think with all the straight posts here straight people posting about love and lost logve, licking clit, wanting each other, the homo on this board is feeling kind of worthless, and thats him calling people simps. You tell the guy he’s gross, thats disgusting no one pays attention, he posts sick links to vdieo ls that are probably sickening, no one cares, no one looks, he keeps going, encourages it, fakes posts that racist homophobic to make it look like someone cares, repeat, its disgusting and it doesnt seem like he gets it…. until he sees nobody does give a shit, it is disgusting and the only homo here is him, then everyone’s a simp. No. Everyone is straight and nobody is curious. Thats normal.

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