• 1 week ago

i am a married man that has been having sex with a widowed neighbor for the past few months and have been trying to back off since she has been dating a new guy from her church but what is so addicting is i have been having sex with her even though she is dating and she is a woman no one would ever suspect of doing things we have done. we had anal sex sunday in a tool shed while i was doing her weekly yardwork but she has given me oral sex swallowed and loves sex on a kitchen counter. kissing her neck during intercourse is a huge turn on.she often wears sundresses with no panties on. alot of weekends i have sex with her then my wife thinking about what me and her did. i am in my 40s and she is 60 in a couple months and i am still shocked about what she likes and does. when she is on top of me and she has sn orgasm she closes her eyes and i still have no idea what she is thinking about. i have been trying not to but like sunday i had no plans to do anything but she came to me and she knows i can’t say no. she has told me she has had sex with the man she is dating (which i hate) but i honestly do not know how to stop this. i know eventually someone is going to end up hurt but how she has opened up to me about things flatters me. i keep holding my tongue every time i want to say i love you to her and yes its selfish but when i do see his car parked in her driveway it tears me apart. all this started when i accidently caught her masturbating and deep down i wish i never started this because i don’t know how to stop it.

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