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is it just me or listening to stories of guys complain about other girls who have treated them bad makes u wanna also treat them badly?

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  • The only time I talk about that, is if provoked by some fucking loser usually online I don’t know, who doesnt know me except through word from her (I was the best) who is now dating her and a decade later, I’m way over it, he can’t measure up to me in pretty much any way and finds a way to pick a fight or provoke me. Some desperate loser. They are usually baffled that I dont want her and they are insane about getting her, but they… well they just aren’t me. They can get paid I’m sure, but they cant ever attain the status level of me, even if we’re done. Probably a regret of hers. That’s a pretty high bar too, and at the same time these morons will cut up everything about me. They really want to know what it is about me, and not them. Which is kind of funny to me, but at the same time a pain in the ass. It happens too much, but sometimes I’ll say shit to make it clear I am completely over her, I dont want her, I don’t want your woman, we are not getting together, if she is hung up, she left me, so it was her choice, but I’m out. I’m done with that. Keep her. Im trying to ease their minds, I don’t want your woman she was bad for me, and the funny part is they know that, they know I want shit all to do with her, we had a brutal relationship, and they know they STILL don’t measure up. Hahaha!

    I never talk about my shit in person and if anyone brought it up in person, and it’s none of their business, I’ll just give them a good shot in the face of it it’s a woman, I’ll scare the shit out of her to let her know she hit a wrong button… fortunately not a single person has the nuts to ever do that in person. Ever.

    Other than that…. nope. I dont care enough about most women from mh past to care or complain about it. I’m content. Bored but content with life. It could have been worse if I actually cared or was with her in a disastrou miserablle relationship

    Anonymous February 14, 2020 3:47 am Reply

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