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I am not one to change myself for a woman or anything, and that’s just the way I am, I would never expect certain things from her either, but if it was something that turned her on, like I am not a hairy guy, I am fit, lean and toned, I look good especially for my age, I’m not hairy, I don’t have hair on my back, but there is a bit on my chest, on my stomach but if she wanted a hairless man, if it turned her on, honey I’ll wax that shit right out of there.

I am relatively clean shaven on the face, it’s too grey at this point anyway, and if I have a hunny, you know it’s always neat and trimmed in other places. Maybe not shaved that causes itching and ingrown hairs, but very short. Pretty much not there.

That kind of change, if it turns her on, I’m down.

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  • Probably what turns her on is not your body, but your sense of humour and how you present yourself to her and how much fun you are to be around and if you eventually turn her on, by various ways and means, which I can explain further, if you would like the low down, one male to another, then you might well have the key which opens her lock and that has nothing to do with your appearance down there, because how well you are equipped, does not usually matter until a female has gone past “change of life” and wants to relive her sexual freedom that she never experienced when she was younger.
    I used to be a toy boy for older women and it was never about what I’d got, but what I did with it and how.
    Your physical appearnce has nothing to do with anything.
    I was born with a pot belly and I’ve had my pot belly all of my life and it never stopped me getting whatever I wanted, when I wanted it, it was my charisma which did that and I had to learn how to be like that and sell myself, so that I could have my way with whomever I chose.
    It’s like riding a bicycle, once you learn how, you never fall off again.
    Best Wishes……..

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