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It’s just a bunch of beanie babies… but they’re MY BEANIE BABIES. It wouldn’t bother me so much if my parent would just admit they’re stealing my beanies because she thinks they’re valuable now. It’s my mom, and she wants to sell them. I treasured and played with those things (that it’d buy with my allowance) so carefully because I wanted to keep the tags intact for the future. I had a favorite bear pair that I would regularly make a couple and hang out with while doodling. Valentino and Valentina. Those two are now in a glass box display case and have apparently ALWAYS belonged to my mom. I even lost my pokemon card collection to my siblings, they picked and chose out of my collection and I came back to a very.. depressing almost empty binder of cards… They all must have thought I was just not coming back. I don’t need to have all of the beanies back,, I just wanted my pair that are not even worth that much. I tried asking for these things back, but in their mind, it IS theirs. And i’m not about to make a big family dispute over some old toys of mine. I know it’s just beanie babies, pokemon cards, items etc… but they we’re my things.. Even my HD photo books are gone. And when they talk about these things like it’s theirs and has always been theirs(seriously why talk about it so much?? are you TRYING to offhandedly convince me it’s always been yours?), I just have to bite my tongue and walk away. It just hurts knowing that nothing in that house has ever belonged to me. I won’t admit it but it blows.

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