• 7 months ago

Actually I dont want you to confront anyone like that and while I do hate medlers especially if they're garbage who I dont even like have nothing to do with or want to be around, or never met. I hate people who put their 2 cents into anything and I dont want it to cause you problems, or for you to do anything about it.

All I can say is trust me and if you want some time soon, when you see me, we can get together and talk honestly about things. Like seriously talk  Honestly. Ill tell you what you want honestly when it comes to this BS, honestly, and yeah…

It really does piss me off though. Nobody I can think of has any business saying anything to you or bothering you with things pertaining to me. Hopefully they know that. Especially if it's like R or something like that. Sorry. You are void. I definitely left you and everything having to do with you in 2017, don't really give a crap what she thinks or if I ever hear tell of her again. Early. That was a relief. She sure as hell has no say in anything o do with me now. Neither does C. Related to you know who. That a hopeless case, there is absolutely no fixing that and actually do they know that YOU have nothing to do with it? This is about me, so maybe talk to me? Are they scared? Maybe you should throw that at them. Im single. I am not attached. Im a free man (I bet you know why too right?), and I sure as hell don't ever want to venture back there. Fuck that.

I want a firm, tough, but sweet honey, with morals, and I do see morality. Maybe its religion, thats one thing I never asked and its one of those things I would like to know, I know it goes with the culture, Im from that side of the tracks, and thats alright, its one of those things if its what you are, it's not bad and Id support it, I dont think religion on our side told the tracks is lunacy like some places in the world, I dont know with you,  but I do feel there's more genetal honesty and morality with you than with her. More heart which means trust. I think it's sometimes you cover and hide it, but its there. I like that.

You and her, standing there, they say pick one, Im taking you, and we're talking. I dont even want to know wtf there…. really. I dont even want to know. Another really great thing about you. No real baggage. Sorry about mine. I try not to care. Its hard though :)<br
If they give you a hard time, one thing you can say for sure, is he doesn&apos;t want anything to do with you or that….

Anyone who knows respects me would like you.

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