• 3 months ago

You know, the hatred for men, because your an angry lesbian feminist with, let’s face it, penis envy, you don’t like men at all right? Good, bad, whatever, you hate men, and the root of it, is you know other women, women you wish you had yourself, would rather be with a specific man.

You look at this man and everything about him and you’re not that good. That’s not you, and it never will be, and speaking from experience, it all comes down to feeding your own soul from day one with traits and characterists that are attractive. You can’t do anything about being a woman with vagina and tits, but you know.

I find that type of person is cheap and dirty when they fight. When a person like thAt looks at something hey don’t really stand a chance against, actually they do, but let’s just say they’re too lazy to work up to a certain level, so they need to manipulelate and blatantly lie. Basically cheating.

It’s why I would never date a bi woman. It always sucks when some retarded lesbian feminist is looking at me as “competition”, when in reality I don’t give a shit, but that doesn’t stop them. Dudes are bad, women though…. That’s just unnatural.

Just be real, and make yourself something other than…. well you. That’s my advice. I’m an attractive guy though, that’s part of my problem. Instead of cheap shotting people because “I can’t do anything else” be real and don’t concentrate on what you see is the competition, and just make yourself as awesome as possible, while being rap at the same time. Lose that 100lbs. Quit being such a crooked little troll. That makes you look small to her when she sees it. Thats not “cool” it’s weak. Be “cool”. It should be easy if you’re real and have any sense of good taste, but it is a pretty upside down world in 2020 with all you people running around out there on the loose.

Use a beautiful woman as a model. It’s not that hard. Just be a woman. A lady. You are as bad as the mgtow’s

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