• 8 months ago

Oh I know they’re desperate for attention and forgiveness.

See forgiveness, fine. It’s all good, but I can’t have that in my life. I can’t have people hijacking or sabotaging infecting important pieces of my life. That suits not easy to come by.

And I do realize I was NEVER completely cool with people. I always hid what was important to me from people I didn’t feel were quit worthy to know. That says a lot in itself. I never shared anything. I protected what was valuable to me. I tried to anyway.

The way I see it if something is valuable to you, say it’s my friendship, it’s pretty easy, don’t ever do anything that could potentially damage it permanently. I’m not the king of guy who forgets this kind of thing either. There is certain things you only get 1 strike in with me. Especially if it ruins things that I’m trying to protect from you. Things that are world’s better for me than you ever were. Things I did not introduce you too. I can’t have people like that I hate to say it, but it really is true in this case, like a malicious virus.

And believe it or not I do know, I have always known that what I started off with, was world’s better than what other people where I ended up, started out with. Thatvwas obvious, I was there. No God dann way I’m willingly sharing that. Fuck that. Well that goes for anything else I happen to stumble on.

That’s really the way I see it. Do I feel like a harsh asshole talking like this, I’m better, I have better, I can get better, all that shit? No, because it’s true, and I believe it is part of the reason people want to call me friend. It’s what I attract, but also, given the circumstances, I am cautious of people who made certain messes and were involved because I actually see them as people who I don’t want knowing what I’m up to. Especiaĺy if you are tied to an “ex” of mine. None of this is my fault either. If it was that important to you, you would have given me the strong respect I expect out of you. I don’t need you TBH. Unless you are a beautiful woman ready to snuggle you can go fuck off, I can think of 100 things I would rather be doing than being your buddy

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