• 8 months ago

im a bad person?

long story short…
Been in a relationship going on to 9 years. I have a 4 year old and one on the way. Yea I love her but IDK its getting old, kinda bored it hasn’t been going anywhere. Anyways theres this girl (we can call her AD) for some reason i just find my self attracted to her. im 30 shes 22, shes my girlfriends nieces close friend. and i have a strong feeling that she is attracted to me too. I see her sometimes randomly whenever theres a family party or my GF niece comes to hang out with us. Me and this girl (AD) get along pretty well, we joke around and we just get along. but we find ourselves looking at each other a lot.
couple days ago we all celebrated my GF neices bday on a lake, a boat party. lots of drinking, music, jet skies, you get it. me the girl (AD), danced a lot, talked. we went on a jet ski together, and it felt nice being being skin to skin . I at one point point my and her lap and i had my arm around her waist. She didnt resist or pushed me away. nothing happened, I was attempted to see if i could get a kiss, but i stopped myself from doing anything wrong.
It would be beyond fucked up if i did. Im not a shady person.
but i cant stop thinking about that day. I feel guilty for thinking about it. Not to mention she recently added my on FB. she hasnt reached out to me, and i dont plan to.

I am a bad person?

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