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I get a strong desire, just randomly, to suck cocks. I’m not gay, so I don’t know why I get this sudden urge, but a few days ago I heard a rumor that there was a glory hole not far from where I live, and that brought on one of my urges to find out what sucking a cock would be like.So I worked up the nerve to check this place out, to see if it was really there, my heart was pounding as I entered the building not knowing what to expect, right off I knew it was indeed a glory hole establishment, it was well organized, the next thing I knew I walked right into a darkened room not that big of a room, but suited the purpose, then I heard a voice from behind the wall welcoming me, he asked if this was my first time at a place like this, and I admitted it was, He told me to relax and make myself comfortable, which I did, that is when I noticed the hole in the wall, it was at a height, so as to be comfortable, either sitting or kneeling if I preferred, he then asked that I be gentle, but to do as I desired, and take as long as you need to satisfy yourself and of course me. He then proceeded to push his cock through the whole. At that moment, I wasn’t sure if I should proceed or get out of there! but after a few seconds, I figured I’m here now I might not get the nerve again if I leave. This cock was huge! probably 8+ inches and thick, it was definitely beautiful and enticing. I put my hand around it, then proceeded to lightly kiss the tip of it, and lick the precum drop that came out the end, by this time everything was kind of a blurr All I could think of was getting that big mushroom head into my craving mouth, after I managed to get the head of his cock into my mouth, I began sucking and twirling my tongue all around that head as I slowly worked it deeper into my throat, I began bobbing my head back and forth licking that amazingly smooth shaft, I can’t put into words the texture of this cock, it didn’t take very long, before I felt his cock begin to get even bigger, as his balls began to quiver, all of a sudden! I felt this strong gush into mt throat, it was so much I had to pull back so I could breath he then shot the rest of his cum into my mouth and onto my face I continued to lick and suck that beautiful cock for a good 2 minutes after he had cum, I figured I did ok as he had been moaning and going on the whole time, needless to say, that has been a place I visit often. I hope this story wasn’t to long.

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