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I agree with the girl about the stalking.

But at the same time there are women I can never let go of. Even though, I don’t even know what became of them or where they are, I couldn’t let go of I tried. But I agree you can’t continue to bother someone or keep hitting them up if they said no especially if you are lucky enough to know and understand why. Even if you believe it’s not her true feelings, and maybe she cares a bit, space.

I personally don’t care about the women watching me and my profiles in places. Even if I am not interested or even a little bit pissed off and irritated by them. That’s the way she goes, as long as she respects the boundaries and isn’t physically stalking me. Dudes, that’s a different story. I’ll fucking kill you if I catch you within .5 of a km of me, and I will be especially posses off if it’s over a woman who was with me before them. I fuucking hate people who are insecure lokking at me because I left a mark (not physically) on this current woman. Although women stalking you over an ex is also pretty god damn bad too. Women are God damn nuts when they are insecure and in “competition” for attention. Bitches. I’ll fucking kill you too.

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