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I caught in the reflection fo a shop window a man friend staring at me when I was walking away. I’m not reading anything into this but it did surprise me. The other day I was lying on my sofa underneath a big cardigan with my legs pulled up.It was warm and comfortable but my stocking tops showed under my skirt. I hated this because it made me feel like a sex object. I touched my naked thigh as I pulled my stockings straight and rolled on my side burying myself in cushions to continue watching a video. I felt an urge for wanting sex. I wonder sometimes whata man seeing this would have thought. Perhaps he would have been jealous knowing I can touch myself where he wants to touch me. It must be infuriating for guys knowing I can touch and pleasure myself any time I like. A man watching me do nothing but idly watching a video before falling asleep on my sofa without sex must be thinking what a waste. I really like conversations especially conversation whereI feel I’m using my brain and creativity. I don’t have much opportunityfor this in my life. Sex, yes. Good conversation, no. I miss this.

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  • I would love to just lie in a comfy bed with a female friend and talk about small stuff. No sex and shit. Don’t need that right now

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 1:50 am Reply

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