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Are u broke? are u young? and lot of free time i am a young guy from Nepal i was broke too i dint even have money for date too then i discovered some online websites for earning money and they were and are damn good i had sufered a lot due to lack of money and i dont want u guys to suffer that so, ****://MyMonthlyJob****/?userid=742266 this is the link for best job i found and is helping me earn 50000 NRS in a month and m no more broke please check the link and feedback how it helped

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  • Rewrite: “I am a broke person with no job skills who answered an internet ad and it’s not going very well so I am going around to every website I find where one can post a message and advertising my bullshit.” Now please answer me back something like “I no bullshit.” 🙂

    Anonymous January 11, 2019 6:06 pm Reply

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