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I think I might have finally reached the end. I’m 55, a widow, and even working full-time I can’t support myself or stay ahead of my bills. I came home tonight and water is leaking from somewhere — I can’t figure out where — my hallway flooring gave way, so it must have been slowly leaking for a while — and I don’t have the money to fix anything else in this house.

My health has been going downhill for years, my only daughter has a young family and doens’t have the time or energy to help me, so I’m literally all alone and I’ve lost all hope. Everyone would be so much better off if I just ceased to exist. If I didn’t have two dogs depending on me then I would just leave this world. They are each 16 years old, so they probably won’t live much longer — I think I’ll start getting my affairs in order and as soon as they cross over the rainbow bridge I’ll just join them. I just don’t have the strength to keep fighting for a life that doesn’t want me.

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  • Sell your house.
    There must at least be money in the land. Buy a small unit that you can be proud of. Do something outside of work. Something you have passion for. If you like animals, consider fostering with a local rescue or shelter. Find something to live for.

    Anonymous January 8, 2019 4:10 am Reply
    • I agree. Find someone who can help you out of your hopelessness. Don’t let life control you .that’s what makes us depressed .we have to gain control over our lives

      Anonymous January 8, 2019 12:14 pm Reply

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