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After spending hours carefully reading the federal court filings from the SCO (Special Council Office) for Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort, all I’m gonna say is there is a very strong chance of Nancy Pelosi becoming the very first woman President of the United States of America in 2019.

There’s no way Trump is gonna finish his first term and it now appears Mike Pence is in for some trouble of his own.

In short; Flynn gave Mueller everything he knew about everyone and everything they done and basically Cohen filled in major holes which verified the majority of what Flynn, Pappadopolus, Manigult and others gave Mueller.

Individual 1 = President Donald Trump Sr.
Individual 2 = Donald Trump Jr.
Individual 3 = Jared Kushner
Individual 4 = Roger Stone
Individual 5 = Vice President Michael Pence

I’ve come to accept that President Trump is dirty but what surprised me is Mike Pence isn’t exactly clean in all this shameful behavior. He was aware of of certain things during the campaign and during the transition process and never came forward. The house is not going to let that slide and Senator Mitch McConnell is not going to be able to confirm him because Pence is pretty much radioactive from this point on.

This brings me to think about that high five between MBS and Vladimir Putin. It wasn’t just about them thumbing their noses at Trump, it was about befalling a common enemy, that being the United States of America. They’ve been working together from the very beginning of the Trump candidacy.

When Trump was handed over the Presidency by the electoral college who went against the popular vote MBS had his Saudi lobbyists in Washington D.C. book 500 rooms at the Trump Plaza Hotel immediately. That’s why Trump is defending MBS over the murder of that Washington Post reporter. The real point of murdering that reporter was to expose Trump and box him in for a slow reveal.

The Chinese government as well the North Koreans are also working with Putin on this plan to disrupt and dismantle the U.S. which more than likely will collapse after Trump resigns from office and Pence yields to Pelosi.

This plan isn’t Putin’s work but actually the brainchild of Igor Panarin who predicted that the U.S. will engage in a most brutal civil war that will split the country up into six new nations. But the prediction was in fact a plan all along.

Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is a Russian asset and he’s been weaponized to destroy the United States of America…

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