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I am way too jealous. I need to stop looking at my bf’s page. He works with a lot of women and has mainly women friends. He used to work in the fashion industry, so are a lot are hot. He was talking about a secret river he goes to, and this chick said she’d love to go, and he said, “I will let u know, next time ?” I honestly want to beat the living shit out of her. Her face is average, but she’s blonde and thin. I am actually pretty, but I’ve gained a lot of weight :(. I’m going to get fit, so I won’t be so jealous. I am like so crazy jealous. He is the most moral and loyal man I know, but srsly. I feel like one of those stupid whores will sink her whore teeth into him. I will break s bitch’s legs if she steals my man.

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  • He loves you not merely because of your physical attributes just remember that. Losing your confidence because of what? weight gain? Be confident and just trust your man alright.

    Anonymous July 11, 2018 8:56 pm Reply

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