• 2 weeks ago

Sure I get angry and sad but you know what people had choices to be with the people they love or have peace in their lives. People shown me you can’t have both. When we started talking I thought you were wise for your age, however you bullshited yourself. I fell in love with you but it was a joke no one cares if you are happy just a douche who wants the pants first. I loved you and I still do but you prove you rather lie to yourself and blame me for the parts that were not my fault. I can admit I messed up our friendship and I disappear. But you chose a fuckboy that you believe is an artist but a douche. I’m an idiot wanting someone who don’t want to see sure I might have my problems and will continue to have them but I don’t lie about them to myself. But I hurt people and I’m moron but I want to be honest with someone who can at least give me 45% of their life for me. Real love is only in books not this world where people are afraid because they chose wrong and blame everything because they were idiots. I blame myself and those who want to talk shit I pity them cause they probably getting cucked as we speak.

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