• 2 weeks ago

I can’t understand why i behave this way and it triggers me and makes me feel like i’m worse than the worst. I’m 25 years of age and feel like i’ve been give a 1 in a million opportunity. I see the people all around me and see how unlikely it is to be an attractive person. I for a fact know that I could be considered well above the average in attractiveness and feel the looks of some really attractive woman going towards me, yet I never do nothing. Man would kill to know that they could get those girls without hard effort since looks are pretty much doing most of the work, but here I am afraid to do the 5% that is missing to get them. which takes me where I am now, been doing this since I was a teenager, had pretty much all the girls in my high school drool over me, never touched any of them. I feel like the worst of the worst because I’ve got this chance handed to me by nature and i’m just staring at it and feeling like everyday it’s just disappearing. I’ve never taken full of this, and if I didn’t wanted to, it wouldn’t have been so heavy on me, but since i wanted to, it makes me feel like a waste. There tends to be less respect on people that had the opportunity and didn’t make nothing of it than people who never had it and made the best they could without it.

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