• 2 weeks ago

Dear Frank,

I wasn’t intending to delay but even if I was I was fully within my right to do so. I wasn’t under any obligation to you because you were trying to repeatedly break the contract that you created with us at our expense. I had a potentially life or death situation which was much more important than to deal with an entitled customer who had already proven himself to be disrespectful.

You were already getting 50% back. This is pretty a good deal in itself considering you held our calendar for over half a year. Additionally, as a courtesy we offered you a credit for any nights which were rebooked. This would have been fair for us and you. We were already helping you out.

We already fully expected you to cancel. How else are the nights going to rebook? The only reason you got me to say that I would call you back is because you caught me off guard, startled and scared me. You triggered an involuntary response. You successfully used fear and intimidation to manipulate me – like a criminal. If you didn’t scare me I would have told you please cancel as fast as possible so you have more time for the nights to rebook. Instead of feeling good about myself for “helping you out” like I expected, I felt even worse. You think you were having a bad day because you had to cancel one booking? We had every single booking cancel on us.

Is that the type of example you want to be for your family? You want your children to learn from their father to compensate for their own failure to be a responsible adult by lying, manipulating and hurting other people using criminal tactics? You want them to learn to feel entitled to break the contracts they make with other people at other people’s expense? You want them children to live in a world filled with disrespect, entitlement, and resentment propagated by their father? You think just because you failed to be a responsible adult that somehow gives you the right to hurt other people’s sons? You think it’s acceptable to make other people feel bad for standing their ground to defend and protect their own family and livelihood against an entitled attacker?

Supposedly the reason this affected me so much is because the way that you treat me is the same way that my abusive father treated me when I was a little boy. You subconsciously brought out my inner child’s defense mechanism which was to cower and appease. My subconscious assumed you were right just like my childhood self assumed my father was right when he was abusing me. You’ve taught me an important lesson about how my relationship with my abusive father is still affecting me to this day. Just because someone is mad and upset doesn’t mean they’re right. In fact it may mean the exact opposite. It may mean they are being manipulative. The next time I encounter an entitled, manipulative, and disrespectful liar such as yourself I will recognize manipulation for what it is and I will know to stand my ground to defend my family. Thank you for this valuable lesson.

I forgive you. I know you were acting irrationally, unfairly, and evil due to your your animal instincts since it was related to your son.



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