• 2 weeks ago

Last year, on Thanksgiving, me and my siblings were all sent outside. I went to go take a walk on the path, but I didn’t take my 6yo sister. My 15yo brother threw a hissy fit and chased me down with my 9yo sister a mile into the woods before grabbing me and throwing me down as hard as he could into the grass and rocks.

He pinned me to the ground with both legs and one hand, punching me again and again in the side and stomach. My 9yo sister kicked me in the head with boots, making my head bleed. The screams that came out of me were sounds I didn’t even know a human could make.

I managed to get up, but my 9yo sister grabbed me, and, in a panic, I whirled around and got her in the throat with my elbow. I apologized frantically before running as fast as I could from my brother. He caught up to me in about half a mile and grabbed my wrist.

I SHRIEKED at him to let me go, and I repeated it over and over before running all the way into the house…

Where my dad promptly slapped me for being in tears and panicking.

The whole situation was then blamed on me and I was told it “ruined my relationship” with dad (we did not have any kind of relationship. I barely spoke to him.) and of ruining mom’s favorite holiday.

I was the only child who got a real punishment.

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