• 2 weeks ago

I cannot fucking TAKE it anymore!

The people I live with keep buying dogs that they cannot take care of, and so it always falls onto me to take care of them.
I wash them, I feed them, I take them on walks, I brush them out, I bring up concerns to the vet, I am the one waking up at 3-4AM to let them out, I am the one doing everything.
Yet, if you asked the people I lived with whose dogs they were, they’d be happy to tell you “ours!” whenever they dont do jack shit for them.

The dogs are undisciplined and never shut up. They bark and howl and scream at the most ungodly hours of the night, so I have to get up with them and sit outside for an hour only for them to start screaming again the second they’re let back inside ’cause they’d rather be outside playing.

I am losing sleep, and it is affecting my work. The dogs need a trainer badly, but their “owners” refuse to take them and say if it bothers me so bad I should just spend hundreds of my own money on them. I have tried training them myself through discipline as well as positive training with clicks and treats, but nothing works.

I love dogs, I really do, but this has become so overwhelming for me because they just keep on getting more and more dogs thatre somehow more demanding than the last, and I am tired. Thank you for listening to me

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