• 1 week ago

The last time we talked was a year ago on Valentine’s day. While I appreciated the sentiment then, I started thinking about all of the times they didn’t think of me on Valentine’s day or even my birthday. I sacrificed a lot to be with them and they treated me like garbage. Don’t you think for one minute that I don’t know about you calling me white trash to your friends. Our mutual friend cared more than you ever did. Although I think, for him, it was more about survival and loneliness He was too obsessive, possessive, and jealous for me to carry on with. It was flattering at first but then it got old. So we were only friends. However his friends wanted to make out like he was fucking me while trying to make moves on me themselves. Backstabbing, hypocritical, assholes. Pretend respect. And his obsession with them. All he talked about was them. Why would I want to be with someone like that. That’s just it, I wouldn’t. AND I wasn’t. So their friends can go fuck themselves into oblivion. None of them know what true loyalty or respect is. And as for you, I had totally forgotten about til you text me. I didn’t text back. And if I haven’t talked to you in over a year, chances are, I won’t be talking to you ever. You had your chance. A million of them, actually. All I wanted was some acknowledgement, honesty,and understanding. You gave those to other people.I’m living a great life now. So YOU LOSE!