• 1 month ago

if you can’t be honest, what’s the point of being best friends? if you can’t even communicate properly, what’s the point? you made so many grand promises of never hurting me, will always be there for me, but you ended up hurting me the most. it’s worse than any breakup i’ve gone through with the dumb boys. do you know what hurt is? what did i do to deserve what you’ve done to me? i’ve given nothing but my time, my love, my money, my patience. all the problematic things you’ve said, i let it go. i’ve given you chances to communicate so we can heal, but all you did was lie, run away, shut me off. i believed you were a real friend. but what did you do? you lied and lied and refused to address the issue. it’s not a lie when people say, friendships breakup can hurt so much. i’ve cried over our friendship more than i’ve shed tears for any dick.