• 1 week ago

Before I met my wife, I would take vacations and plan things, go places. After we met, she says she wants to do this all of the time, but every time I try plan a trip or an event, she complains that we don’t have the money or time, and rejects any plans. It’s been a long time since I’ve travelled further than a few hours from home, and my days off are now me relaxing around the house while she gets passive-aggressive since she doesn’t take time off and is offended that I would sleep in or not plan a project. I’m on my last day of vacation and she is complaining that it flew by and we didn’t do anything. I tried planning a trip to the shore, amusement parks, even just going out to dinner and movies, which she all rejected in the months leading up to my vacation.

I’m getting more and more frustrated every year.