• 1 month ago

Betrayal hurts because it only comes from those you trust. I have opened up and shared you everything that goes on in my mind. I lowered by guard, broke my walls, and told you how I feel without the fear of judgment. But then I found out that you’ve been telling people about it. About me. About the dark, the secret, the ugly sides of me that only you know. You hit me like a truck, Ralph. I regret inviting you into my life. If I can turn back time, I would never meet you. If I can turn back time even further, I’d make sure we never cross paths. The worst part of it all was how unaware you were. Not even a crumb of apology. It’s sad. I’m hurt. I’m hurting. I’m mad. It’s maddening. But I have learned my lesson. And you will learn yours. Hopefully, soon.