• 2 months ago

Truth is life doesn’t matter. It took me a while to discover this but it is that. Sure, we all live in societies now but sooner or later we all will die, and humanity will go extinct. So, with that fact in mind, why do we still live? Nothing we will do will matter once humanity goes extinct. And for those saying we could find a way to not become extinct, please tell me how? Because for me we have to achieve world peace and unify people together in order to achieve humanities survival, which in my opinion world peace will never happen. We all will die millions of years before the suns does, so why bother? There is no God(s), no afterlife, no reincarnation, none of that in my opinion. Sure, people can believe whatever they want, thats fine. But, for me none of that exists. I need a reason to live because I fear I’m going to end it all. The only reason I haven’t done it yet I believe is for the well being of my family, but i’m tired of it though. I care so much for their well being and success but in the end all they do is fight and mentally and emotionally put each other in pain, and i’m the only one fixing their shit. They pretend to care but once someone faces away all they can talk about is negative things behind peoples backs. I’m going to be a failure, and thats a fact. It’s not like I’m failing or anything at school, in fact i’m a college Junior with a 3.91 GPA, but that being said my social anxiety and fear of communication and everything just prevents me from making connections. Also, a big fear of rejection prevents me from even going for major career opportunities. I spend more money than I make, as literally I made/saved $7,000 in 2 years, only to spend $5000 of it in 6 weeks once I became really depressed. Hopelessness, sadness, pessimism, anger, lost are all things I feel like right now. I’ve said this before but I need a reason to live, because it’s hard to live and I can’t take it anymore.