• 3 weeks ago

OKAY so i have a best friend who ditched me becuz of her new frnds..she didnt called me nor texted me in the last 6 months..one day we had a fight that our bond is changed and blah blah..then we decided to clear the misunderstandings but her call or text never came. I had put my maximum efforts during the last duration to save the friendship but she is so stubborn and immature and ditching me cuz of her new so called close frndss!!!!! yesterday her male bestie texted me that her life is ruined recently so shes is stressed and all but i saw her snaps 2 days ago and she seemed happy. her bestie tried to convince me that make a call to her try to clear the misunderstanding but i refused becuz she does not value our friendship! she dont knw how to put efforts and save a relationship. I also want someone to quarrel with me like that, i also want someone who values me, i also want someone who stays loyal, i also get hurt right? i am not an emotionless monster. So as i value friendship so much and as besties are there for eachother i texted her that i am there for her and made my last effort so i wont regret it in future. and thats it now. i wont put anymore efforts. She has to do it.