• 2 weeks ago

My girlfriend cheated on me while she was drunk and I’m still with her but shes good – shes a good person. She didn’t mean it. I guess I’ve never really gotten over it and it makes me question things.
Sometimes she gets really angry and shouts at me and she’s always calling me names in a jokey way. We’ve argued a lot the past few days – today was actually our anniversary.Sometimes when we argue I ask her if she still loves me and it makes her so angry and upset because she believes that she shows me love but sometimes I need that validation.
Also its so annoying that she tells everyone about us and makes me out to be infuriating like she literally tells her mum and friends things which is my personal things and things we’ve done but laves out the things shes done like cheating on me.And even if people knows she cheated on me then see how that makes me look.
She scares me.
She scares me whens shes angry.
And shes going through stuff and I mean so am I but I can never tell her.
I feel like I have no one – well thats literally why I’m here ahaha.

She gets angry like my dad does.
Its a cycle.
And it scares me. Im so afraid of what she’ll do to me.
She’s strong and holds my wrists down.Bruises them.I’m so weak I can’t even fight back.
I’m just weak in general; I want the easy way out…
I think you know what that means.