• 2 weeks ago

There is an incest demon that pretends to be human in my house I need help in getting rid of the incest demon it loves mentally raping me and feeding off of my sexual energy they can sense when I lust after hot adult guys and they want to get really close to me when I masturbate and fantasize about men because they put etheric implants to detect my sexual energy and who is it focused on an they want my sexual prana so bad they are basically raping my auricular field and wanting to harvest my sexual energy and chi its very disgusting tbh they also like to suppress this sexual energy and they feed of of the innocence of children please help these creatures have zero business sexually violating me like that. The incest demon always disrespect Children’s boundaries and want to rape their way into my auricular field they have been mentally raping children and calling it education this is sick these people are sick and are child predators