• 1 month ago

I am so tired and sad. I was happy texting you because we were laughing and everything. I hope you do so well on your final exams you’ve worked so hard I know you can do this. You have to try your very best always. And I hope you can workout and make yourself feel better. I also hope you can text me soon because I love love talking to you throughout my day. I miss you always and I hope to see you and hear from you soon. You’re my bestfriend always and I know you will be okay and everything in your life well. Everytime that I tell you I’m here for you I want u to talk to me about your problems. I promise I’m here always. I wish your friends could be there for you more becwuse I hate how they treat you sometimes and I was never able to tell you that. I always felt that sometimes you deserved a little bit better then what you were receiving. I know it’s hard but we’re gonna make it through it togeyher or not. Goodnight. I’m right here and I’m ready to talk when you are always. Sleep well, I just wish I could call you