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This disaster started the day my fiancé came home from work one day and started talking about how her co-worker Sabrina, and how she had a crazy bachelorette weekend. She was telling me that her bridesmaids got her really drunk and even hired a gigolo for her and without any excruciating details, she and this gigolo ended up fucking. As my fiancé keeps explaining the story it seemed like her friend Sabrina was okay with what she did.

Before getting any further into this story, I must admit that this whole situation happened, because of me. I have learned that I “was” an egotistical maniac who was very self-absorbed in my thoughts.

My fiancé is a bombshell, has DD breasts, a nice ass and her beauty is out of this world. She is a very successful, well-educated person. I always tell her she has brains and body. We were supposed to be getting married in June of this year, but we had to postpone the wedding indefinitely due to these recent activities.

To continue, after my fiancé told me the story, I sort of got in my own thoughts, and out of my own insecurities, I asked her what she thought about that situation since she was having a bachelorette party in a few months. She responded that “It was none of her business, that’s Sabrina’s relationship, not mine.” My next question to her was would you ever do something like that? As in fuck someone else during your bachelorette weekend? She looks at me with a strange face and asked me- “Why are you trying to start a fight? I was just telling you about my friend from work weekend. Why are you taking this to a different level?”. I am just asking a question, why are you beating around the bush? She then responded “NO”, you have already asked me this 20 times, since I told you I was having a bachelorette party with strippers there. Also, have you noticed that I haven’t mentioned or even asked a question about your bachelor party? Knowing you and your friends, “I have a pretty good idea that there will be strippers and probably prostitutes there, but that’s your business. I trust you.” I said okay, but would you want to fuck someone else? She responded- “Are you getting at something? Is this something that you want to do?” I said I don’t know, looking at your friend Sabrina and telling and my friend keeps telling me it your last night as a free man, why don’t you do something. My fiancé then rolled her eyes and walked away, and said we’ll talk later.

Only if I knew what I know now I would have never let this conversation go any further. I feel like men are always trying to test their women. When it comes down to it, there are some men who need some sort of control when in a relationship. We will try to find a position of power to see how a woman will react.

Later that night, my fiancé sat me down and told me “We should leave this idea alone, so many people have broken up from situation like this. All people have urges and desires but some desires should just stay in your head. Plus, you’re too insecure to be even thinking about something like this. Just look at how many times you have asked me about my bachelorette party and the strippers, you just ask Maddie the last time she was over what agency the stripper were from. You really need to chill!” This really irritated me, next then I said so if I wasn’t insecure you would do it then? Are you getting at something? She then yells “FUCK THIS, you’re the man right. Whats the plan for us, what do you think we should do before we elope baby? (Sarcastically)”. I was thinking rent a house out her in Fort Lauderdale and you can choose someone else to do what ever with and I can do the same. Anybody except exes! My fiancé said “Why don’t we just wait until our bachelor/bachelorette parties?” I responded because I do not want anybody to know anything so let’s buy a house and just do it. My fiancé then said “anybody?”. I said yes, but out of curiosity who do you have in mind? She said “you’re already starting with your insecurities stuff? You just told me we were doing this a few minutes ago? How I am I suppose to know….let me agues you already have a girl? Of course this was your idea.” I said yes I do to be honest. I use to work with her. My fiancé asked “Are you talking about Lauren your old assistance? You are way out of line for that but you know what I agree”. Then she walked away.

Lauren was this good looking Latina with the nicest ass from Miami that was my old assistance before I was promoted, I have been keeping up with her for a while and I am finally glad I can shot my shot. My fiancé was never fond of her, but she said yes.

Two days later I booked the house in FT for the weekend and I asked my fiancé if she had found anyone. She said “Yes I have, someone named Antonio with a big dick, there no issue right? right?”I said You’re just saying that to piss me off, but whatever.

So the night of everything went down Lauren shows up at the house and my fiancé is nervous and frustrated plus her date was late. I order some P.F Changs for everyone, and right before we sit down to eat. There was a knock at the door and it was Antonio when I saw this guy I regretted doing this with my fiancé. He shows up with flowers comes in and takes a looks at my fiancé and tells her “she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and tonight you’re my queen for tonight”, then he hands her the flowers. My wife had her eyes glued to him for the rest of the night. He kept calling her “baby” too, which made me even madder. Every time he got up he would ask her “baby did you need anything?” This guy must have been a model and he was taking all the attention away from me with his stories and experiences, Lauren even had her googly eyes on him.

He then pulls out a bottle of tequila and asked if everyone wanted to go in the pool area. This dude was really starting to get on my nerves, I rented this house, why is he telling people where to go? My wife is wearing this lime green- thong bikini and her ass was looking amazing. Lauren didn’t have a bikini so we just sat by the water and with my fiancé and Ant. Ant is eye-raping the hell out of my wife admiring her and telling “Just wait for tonight laughing” and white was blushing. My fiancé started getting tipsy she started getting loud. Jumped in the pool and told everyone to “GET IN”.

Antonio looks at her and starts to trip down to his boxers in my fiancé and says “I am coming baby”, and she looked at the bulge in his boxers and started and said “dam” and bit her lip. I could even see that Lauren was staring at this dude’s body. Lowkey I was starting to get jealous of him and my wife playing volleyball in the water and I am just sitting here looking dumbfounded with Lauren, I grab the tequila body and I and Lauren start taking shots, my fiancé sees us opening the bottle and yells “pour us up hahaha”. Her body looked amazing in that water, and seeing her big boobs leaking out of that bikini made me want to burst. She comes over and Antonio is still in the water. My fiancé tells him to “come on” and he says “ it would be polite if I got out of the water” and she says come on and he gets out of the water and he is now hanging out the side of his boxers. My fiancé grabs his cough and slowly guide him back into the water and laughing says “how big is it? Think about that while ham getting you your drink” comes back over to the table picks up his drinks and before she walks back over I slide in front of her and tell her that she has made her fucking point and that I didn’t want to do this anymore. She says “Please do not start this your date is over there”, There was nothing I could do at this point, so I quickly said whatever you do please don’t suck his dick. She rolled her eyes and then walked right past me. She gets back over to the pool and said “did you think about my question?”….He responds I think 11in but you will find out tonight right baby?” She then laughs as she takes a shot.

Next, I take Lauren back into the house and we start kissing, the house is basically all glass from the back so my Fiancé and Ant could see us, but they did not look in our direction at all. We move closer to the glass and I make a knock on the glass to get Ant and my fiancé’s attention, I wanted them to see Lauren sucking my dick. I saw my fiancé glance over for a quick second, but they weren’t paying attention at all. Shortly after glancing at my fiancé, I came so quickly. I was so embarrassed Lauren was looking at me like “WTF”. Ofcourse. I don’t know what happened but Lauren wasn’t feeling the situation any more and lyfted home.

My fiancé is still in the pool talking to Ant, and go into a room and watch them from my room. I wanted her to come inside so badly I started calling her phone and she got up out the pull to check that she had 7 missed calls and pulled her phone on DnD. I was so mad, livid. I gets up out the water once again with his thang hanging out and as soon as my wife turned around he was right behind her and he grabbed her face softly and kissed her.

This was surreal this dude must have really been trying to prove something to my fiancé. The way he touched and kissed her was romantic he was really seducing her to the fullest extent and she was loving every second of it. Even the way he took off her bikini seeing her naked body I could’ve I was about to make myself cum. She then pulls down his boxers and grabs a hold of his down and starts sucking his dick. She was so into this, I have never seen this when she was with me. Ant then picks her up and puts her on his shoulders and starts eating her pussy standing up. She moans loudly, I felt like she forgot I was there. He then puts her down and asks her” how do you want it” and opens her legs wide open and says this way….. My Fiancé’s mouth opened in a silent cry as his hard cock pushed even further into her pussy. She relaxed her legs and raised her knees giving him
complete access to her pussy. She was now enjoying his cock.Her eyes were jammed shut and she seemed to tremble and
wince in a series of many orgasms. So many long deep strokes and my fiancé was long it. I have never seen her act in this manner. The screams the moans, I even came watching them fuck. I was so angry at myself for allowing this to happen. He would stop fucking her, this shit went on for another hour.

I fell asleep and woke up 4 hours later to my fiancé naked in the other room. I don’t even know what to say when she gets up.

I really fucked myself over. I can yell but I did this, I just wish I would of stop this before it happened. Really thought she wasn’t going to go through with everything.