• 2 months ago

Tbh I know I just want a boyfriend just to get over the feeling of loneliness and also because it would be nice to have someone to talk to.. someone who would wake up and say “good morning beautiful” and say “good night princess” and also it would be really nice to have someone just to have morning sex with or quickies throughout the day or just in general having someone to have sex with whom I love.. but I know that I guess God has different or bigger plans for me so whatever

To all the people who are in relationships, enjoy it..
to all the girls who lost their virginities and are out there having wild sex lives and having fun and also exploring their kinks.. enjoy it
To all the girls who have boyfriends who love them so much and can’t wait to marry them someday.. enjoy it

If I end up being alone in the future and still a virgin.. I guess it just was never meant to happen in this life tbh..

I don’t even give a fuck anymore

I came on this earth to live and then die.

I hate everyone