• 3 weeks ago

I think i found the love of my life. Soul Mate. Whatever. The only problem is that i am in a relationship with someone that truly needs me to survive. We have a good relationship and ill never cheat. My misguided view of honor and guilt keeps me where i am. Im not being arrogant, if i left, she would have no where to go and no one to help her. She cannot currently work and has no family to help her. I care for her and never want to hurt her. I can’t sleep at night becasue i know what my dreams will be. I can’t go more than an hour without thinking about her. I dont talk to her or see her, she is a person from my past that has confessed her love for me while she was in a relationship and i just couldn’t do anything because i didnt want to hurt her significant other. I have tried to move on, i broke off all communication before someone was hurt, it has been 3 years and i cannot get her out of my head. Time is supposed to heal all wounds but distance makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t know what to do, i dont want anyone to get hurt. I would rather do what i think is right for everyone else than do something to make myself happy and hurt someone. Am i ignorant? We get one life, 70 years, and im giving mine up because i care about someone more than i care about myself. Aside from a selfish bullet, how do i stop this pain without hurting her or anyone?