• 4 weeks ago

I was wrongfully and cruelly terminated from my job last year and it crushed me. I still can’t find anywhere to lease a space. I can’t afford to buy anything. I’ve only ever known one industry and now being around it breaks my heart. My job was my life.

My savings is gone, I have no money. It took months to fight for my unemployment benefits because my ex employer lied to the government that I quit.

I think I have PCOS and need to get that diagnosed. My hair is thinning and I’m losing so much of it.. my blue eyes and thick curls are the only things I had going for me. I’m so tired of being fat, I’ve tried so hard to lose weight. My periods do whatever they want. I’m sick of waxing and plucking my face every day. I’m am embarrassment.

I have never enjoyed living and have entertained thoughts of suicide for as long as I can remember.. I never asked for a brain that isn’t balanced and wired correctly. I never asked to live and here I am being made to feel guilty that I’m ready to check out early.

I stopped taking my medication because I just don’t care anymore. I want to die.