• 1 month ago

recently i’ve been having a rough few days and i was scared that the depression was getting worse and it was and i started having suicidal thoughts again and i just didn’t want to accept that but here i am. i feel so alone, i’ve lost everyone, i feel so unloved and not cared for at all. the one person i thought cared about me i do not feel that anymore and it hurts because i felt that she was the only one. and today she also left again and i’m always being left and i just thought i’d be used to it by now but i’m not it still hurts. they always lewve and come back and leave and come back until they’re finally done playing with my emotions and they got what they wanted. i just wanted to love someone so bad i hurt myself so much in the process and i wish you didn’t take me for granted. and i know how that sounds because i hurt you first but nobody will love and care for you like i did and i mean that with my whole heart. i hope you’re happy satisfying yourself. i hope you’re happy that you never sat down and checked how i was actually doing. and i hope you’ll be happy when i finally let go of myself and do what i’ve been wanting to do except i only stopped myself because of you. now that you’re gone i’m going to do what i’ve been wanting to for the longest. i thought you cared but turns out i was just making excuses for you. or for me. i thought you knew me better than this. i thought i was worth it to you. but it seems after months of back and forth you knew what you wanted all along and i was just your doll to be played with. i already wasn’t okay from my dead beat mental health but this pushed me over the edge and i cant take it anymore. when i’m gone i hope you treat me and care about me just as you did now. i will forever love you like i said i will. you’re always gonna be that person i said you’d be. and i wish i could be that to you. goodbye. i want to let you go but i can’t

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