• 2 months ago

Person who talks back in response to “ready to die”, shut the fuck up. Don’t give me this “Everyone has it hard”, you don’t fucking know my life. Go on and ask people if they have been abused, stalked, harassed, and raped most of their life. I have. Most people do not experience that shit so don’t give me this “everyone hurts” bullshit. What’s that quote about being born from darkness, it is fitting. My life has been complete darkness and I’m fucking entitled to some goddamn venting. So, fuck you and your cold hearted “oh jeez, toughen up” approach. Bitch, if I wasn’t tough I would not still be here. Most of my life has been pain so fucking shut up. Your coldness doesn’t help. The world needs love. I deserve comfort. I don’t deserve your fucking bullshit ass advice. I don’t entirety blame you, you’re a product of your environment. You don’t know warmth so you don’t give it. But neither do I, and yet I would still hug and hold someone who cried about their anguish. Fuck your sexist “you don’t sound like a woman” bullshit. Sorry I couldn’t be fucking Polly Pocket for your warped idea of what women are like. They vary. Just like men. I’m not a stereotype, so fuck off. Learn some compassion for others. Your advice is shit I’ve lived in multiple areas and nothing changes. I have the power to change my life and I try hard every day and becuse of what I’ve been through I deserve some goddamn venting once in awhile. So suck a fucking dick in hell

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